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Product Overview

Beyond VPN. Deeper Connect is the world’s first decentralized cyber Security hardware. Deeper Connect Mini is the latest model that provides you a portable, stable, and secure anti-censorship network anywhere, anytime.

People often use VPN during travels or at home, trying to access internet content otherwise restricted by their regions. Others use VPN for online privacy and home network safety. Deeper Connect introduces a whole new paradigm beyond VPN, and brings you private, open and unrestricted access to the Internet from anywhere and at any time, by a revolutionary Decentralized Private Network (DPN) technology.

Why choose DPN over VPN?

With centralized VPNs, the central server may be taken down to disable the entire VPN, or secretly used to track your activities. With DPN, nobody can interrupt or track your Internet connection. You can say goodbye to censorship, surveillance and trackers posed by authorities like governments and ISPs.

Product Feature

Decentralized Private Network:
Hide In Plain Sight – Decentralized technologies are about to disrupt our societies in just the same way the Internet has done for the past three decades. With Deeper Connect’s Decentralized Private Network, you can access any website at anytime from anywhere, without worrying about being blocked or tracked by an ISP.


Cyber Security:
Umbrella Protection – Deeper Connect Mini can protect all your IoT devices, by adding a secure gateway between your home and the external Internet, protecting all your home devices such as PCs, smartphones and security cameras from online threats. Our product has been designed by top-level network security and distributed systems experts based in Silicon Valley. The company’s core technical team are veterans from Google, Palo Alto Networks, VMware and other technology companies.


High Internet Speed:
No Compromises – You will never have to sacrifice Internet speed when you use Deeper Connect Mini to access a secure and private Internet. Our device allows you to watch HD streaming no matter where you are. In contrast, traditional VPN experiences are plagued by limited bandwidth, data usage limits, frequent changing of servers, and the lack of servers in key countries.


Enterprise-Class Security:
Surf Like the Pros – Particularly attractive are Deeper’s enterprise-class security features. Deeper Connect makes use of the network security operating system AtomOS, with a lock-free design. The device is capable of achieving the security and performance of enterprise-class products at a very low cost. Products of similar specifications, such as a Palo Alto Network device, may cost more than $10,000 USD. Currently, Deeper Network is targeting the network security market for the general public.


Plug-N-Play with Zero Configuration
No Assembly Required – The design concept of Deeper Connect is plug-and-play with zero-configuration. The installation process is so simple even my grandparents can do it in 5 seconds. In place of an ethernet cable, users only need to plug-in two network cable ends into Deeper Connect to have access to a free, secure and private Internet. No settings or configurations of any kind are needed.

Compare with Competitive Products and Services

Deeper Connect mini is an innovative device combining network security, a sharing economy, and blockchain technology to build a trusted Internet for privacy protection and cyber-security. Given its hybrid properties incorporating features of a Decentralized Private Network and a Next Generation Firewall, we want to show you this comparative analysis.

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Warranty Time: 1 year

Additional information

Weight 128.2 g
Dimensions 12.95 × 6.72 × 2.6 cm



Intel 4 cores









Ad block


Tracker block


Malware block


Power Source

usb power

Batteries Required


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